For the fourth time since 2014, a meeting of young people with albinism coming from the different European albinism associations will be held during the 5thEDA. This event, known as the YPA, should allow up to 40 Europeans with albinism aged 18-30 to:

  • Exchange on their life experience, daily life challenges
  • Share unforgettable times and build lifelong friendships
  • Open new life perspectives, raise their self-esteem
  • Improve their knowledge on albinism
  • Consider active involvement in patient associations
  • Practice their skills in English

The participants in the 4th YPA will be selected by the Albinism associations members of Albinism Europe. Unfortunately we cannot register people with albinism from other countries.

The YPA is a meeting of young adults with albinism aged between 18 and 30 coming from the different countries represented in Albinism Europe, the network of European Organizations of persons with albinism. It is traditionally organized at the same place and time as the European Days of Albinism. Don’t lose the opportunity to miss such a unique experience! Apply to be one of the 4 th YPA participants!


The YPA program is generally put together in the few months before the event. It is based on a very flexible format, every meeting including new activities as well as recurrent activities. The heart of the YPA meetings is the encounters, interactions and sharing of experience among young Europeans with albinism. A team made of past YPA participants and leaders of albinism associations is currently working on the 4YPA program.

The 1YPA meeting was held in Valencia, Spain, in 2014 ( The 2YPA took place in 2016 in Milan, Italy ( The 3YPA was organized in Norway, near Oslo, in March 2018.

Arrival and departure days

Arrival day is Wednesday 1st April. Every participant should arrive at the conference hotel before dinner on that day.

Departure day is Sunday 5th April. No specific activity will be scheduled on that day. The participants will therefore be free to catch any convenient plane (or train) to fly back home on that day, no matter if it is in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.


All the 4YPA and 5EDA participants (young adults, association leaders and scientists) will be staying in the same hotel, which is also the conference venue (read more on the Venue page).

YPA participants will be accommodated in shared rooms with a maximum of 2 persons per room in separate beds.

Candidature requirements

To be a candidate in the 4YPA you need to meet the following requirements.

  • You are a young adult with albinism aged between 18 and 30 years old (you were born between April 6th, 1990 and March 31st, 2002).
  • You are sure to be free from April 1st to April 5th, 2020.
  • You are a member of your country’s albinism association, and this association is one of the ten Albinism Europe associations.
  • You have not participated in more than one previous YPA event
  • You feel comfortable exchanging in English with people from other countries. This point is extremely important. With a level of English too low you would risk facing difficulties in following the YPA program of activities, being able to participate in group discussions and not benefiting fully from the experience.
  • You don’t mind sharing a hotel room with up to 2 other YPA participants (separate beds).
  • You are an active person ready to get the most out of a unique opportunity to live for a few days together with many other young European adults with albinism. You are interested in meeting, exchanging, discovering, sharing experiences and much more.

Selection process of the participants

Each national albinism association is responsible for selecting its country’s 4YPA participants.

To be a candidate, follow the instructions given by your national association.

The names of the selected candidates should be sent by your association to Genespoir no later than January 15th, 2020.

Photos from the past YPA events (photos by Ana Yturralde)